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at BMC 2020

Uri Geller

As promised, we’re announcing the first of our major headliners at Blackpool 2020 today and it’s the incredible Uri Geller!

Because of the expected interest in this man’s work, we’re proud to announce that this will be the first ever ‘Mega-Event’ that will be presented at the convention.

* An event so huge that it can only be presented in The Opera House Theatre

* This venue would be the only place that we could possibly consider using, so that we can give enough people the chance to attend

For over an hour, Uri Geller will talk about his incredible life and work that has kept him in the public eye for nearly 50 years.

Following his talk, there will also be a chance to ask Uri Geller anything that you want to during a Q&A session.

This is just the first of many, many surprises that we have in store for you next year during the February 2020 Blackpool Magic Convention.

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